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Bringing you value

is first and foremost.

It's your wedding day!

A beautiful day filled with tears, laughter, reconnections, music, dancing, food, drinks, lights, gifts, flowers, friends, family, memories, but most importantly... once in a life time moments that will make you feel on top of the world. 

Your photographer should make sure that you know your day will be preserved the right way.


It's the photographers duty to make sure the unnoticed details get noticed.


They should make sure your uniqueness is expressed with your photos, they should be kind, friendly, and someone who is comfortable to be around.


The relationship between your photographer and yourself should be trustworthy, meaningful, and more than just a business exchange. 


Your wedding photographer is responsible for preserving this sacred day as professional  beautiful artwork.

The wedding photos you've dreamed of are a click away

Every collection includes an engagement session which is an amazing opportunity for save the date cards, wedding invitations, and beautiful wall art to hang in your home. The engagement session is an incredibly valuable gathering because it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, share some laughs, and get comfortable in front of the lens.  When your wedding day comes, there will be no need to break the ice, or doubt if you've made the right decision. 


An average engagement session will provide about 100 to 200 photos and an average wedding day will provide about 800 to 1,200 photographs. Every photo you receive from your engagement session and wedding day will be individually retouched and remastered to perfection. 


Those magazine quality images and memories are then presented to you through an easy to use, online gallery. This gallery is able to be shared with family and friends as well as various social media platforms. You and family members can even order prints, canvases, and metals right from computer, tablet, or smartphone!


As your wedding photographer, it is my sole responsibility to preserve the moments and memories of your wedding day in timeless artwork. There is one way that I can make sure that happens. Print.


This is exactly why every collection comes with a beautifully crafted wedding album printed on museum quality paper that lasts for generations. This book will be your only true long term way of remembering the day you married your best friend. As the years move on, these books grow into family heirlooms. This book will be a treasure that will be displayed at your children’s and grand children’s wedding. It will be something for your little ones to hold and touch while they sit on your lap and see how pretty grandma looked at Mommy and Daddy’s wedding.

Each wedding collection also includes $50 in print credit as well as a 16 X 20" canvas wrap for your home.


My base collection starts at 6 hours of continuous coverage and includes everything mentioned above, along with guidance, professional insight, sample timelines, and more! This “Sweet & Simple” collection is priced at $3,100.


Other collections include additional hours of coverage, two photographers, high resolution digital images, parent albums, and more! I’d love to hear more about you and your wedding day!

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